Delaware Engineering Continuing Education

By: Kaylee Verhoeven

How many hours of CPC are required for Professional Engineers in Delaware?

Engineers in Delaware are required to completeĀ 24 hours every two years including:

*At least 3 and no more than 6 hours must be related to professional ethics
*No more than 9 hours can be related to business skills or project management
*The remaining hours must be technical courses related to the individualā€™s area of focus

When do Delaware Engineers renew their license?

Delaware Engineers renew their license June 30th of even-numbered years (2018, 2020, 2022...)

Are online courses approved for Delaware Engineering CPC's?

Yes, Internet courses are specifically mentioned by the board as an approved form of continuing education for Delaware engineers.

Do your engineering courses qualify for credit with the state of Delaware?

Yes, the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers does not pre-approve providers of engineering continuing education courses. Each engineer has the power to determine which courses meet the board requirements and their educational needs. Our courses include a short quiz at the end of each CPC course that fulfills the requirement to show evidence of achievement and completion. Quizzes are graded automatically, and certificates are available immediately upon completion.

How do I renew my Delaware Professional Engineer's License?

License renewals are completed online at

Where can I get Continuing Education for Delaware Engineering License?

Visit our website at

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