Your Privacy at Certified Training Institute and its Schools of Industry

We appreciate the trust you place in us and are committed to respecting the privacy and security of your personal information. The following privacy policy explains the information we collect and what we do with it.

Whether you register for a class online or via the telephone, any personal information that you may share with us or any of the colleges, partnering schools or companies we are affiliated with is kept absolutely private. We do not share or sell any part of your information or anything about you.

Personal Information We May Gather

When you register for a class or purchase study materials over the telephone, fax or place an online order, you give us your name, address, telephone number, email address and, in some cases, credit card information. You authorize us to store this information so that we may track your tuition information. All information is stored in a secure database that is not linked to the internet.

How We Use Your Information

We maintain a database to look up the original course/class information to answer your questions throughout the licensing cycles. Many students misplace their continuing education certificates or the class receipt which is required for retaking a class. By storing your information, we are able to look up your original information ourselves. We preserve your history of continuing education course for you.

Who We May Share Data With

We only share data of those students who register for our classes/courses held at partner universities, colleges, schools or education providers or if you register via their websites.
The ePDH Online does not sell or share information with any other source or third party. Your information is kept private and confidential.

Computer Tracking and Cookies

Our web sites are not set up to trace, collect or distribute personal information not entered by students. Our site logs do generate certain kinds of non-identifying site usage data, such as the number of hits and visits to our site. This information is used for internal purposes only.