Engineering Professional Development Hours (PDH) FAQs

Continuing education for licensed Professional Engineers in New York is measured in Professional Development Hours (PDH).

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How many PDHs are required for professional engineers in New York?

Engineers in New York are required to complete 36 PDH every 3 years including 18 PDH of live courses.

When do New York engineers renew their license?

Engineers in New York renew on their date of birth.

Do your engineering courses qualify for credit with the state of New York?

No, we are currently awaiting approval from the New York Board for Engineering and Land Surveying.

What content is approved for PDHs in New York?

The New York Board for Engineering and Land Surveying accepts courses related to:  aerospace engineering,  environmental engineering, agricultural engineering, architectural engineering, bioengineering, ceramic engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, construction engineering, control systems engineering, electrical/computer engineering, ocean engineering, fire protection engineering, geological engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering,  materials/metallurgical engineering, mining/mineral engineering, naval architecture/marine engineering, nuclear/radiological engineering,  petroleum engineering, structural engineering, systems engineering, architecture, land surveying; or other matters of law and/or ethics which contribute to the professional practice in engineering and the health, safety, and/or welfare of the public; and other topics which contribute to the professional practice of engineering.

The New York Board for Engineering and Land Surveying DOES NOT accept: subjects areas that are not related to professional practice and the development or maintenance of professional knowledge, such as project management related to improving/maximizing profitability and professional fees; marketing and public relations; expanding a design professional’s business; laws related to arbitration, mediation, liens and limiting the design professional’s liability (unless they are related to safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of the public); real estate licensing; basic Auto CAD; personal, estate or financial planning; zoning as it relates to increasing a developer or engineer/land surveyor’s profitability; design build and/or alternative delivery methods (unless it includes information on the laws related to design build and its limitations in New York State).

I have extra New York professional engineer PDHs, do they carry over?

No, the New York Board for Engineering and Land Surveying does not allow credits to be carried into the next renewal period.

Who stores my engineering continuing education records?

Technically each engineer is responsible for keeping track and submitting their own certificates, BUT WE STORE ALL CERTIFICATES INDEFINITELY and they can always be accessed for free. PDH completion records must be maintained for a minimum of 6 years.

Are internet courses approved for New York professional engineer PDHs?

Yes, internet courses are approved by the New York Board for Engineering and Land Surveying to meet 18 of 36 PDH requirements.

How do I renew my New York professional engineer's license?

License renewal information can be found here

Who is in charge of engineer's licenses in the state of New York?

New York Board for Engineering and Land Surveying
Email: op4info@nysed.govor Call: 518-474-3817 Extension 570.

  • Information Last Updated: 02/2020
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