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Current Issues and Problems in Joining of Ceramic to Metal - Published September 2016
Ceramics and metals are two of the oldest established classes of technologically useful materials. While metals dominate engineering applications, ceramics have some attractive properties compared to metals, which make them useful for specific applications.

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New Approaches to the Friction Stir Welding - Published September 2016
Friction stir welding (FSW) is a technique able to guarantee welding advantages such as the easy control of tool design, rotation speed, and translation speed. This is also a reason for a continuous research activity to optimize the effect of the different welding parameters and tool-metal setups.

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Fluid Planning A Meaningless Concept or a Rational Response to Uncertainty in Urban Planning- Published March 2012
Many contemporary writers have developed and elaborated upon various fluid metaphors to capture aspects of contemporary social life. Flows and fluidity are some of the catchwords in social, cultural, and urban thinking that is used as building blocks in theorizing contemporary trends with a focus on process, connectivity, and mobility at the expense of the previous focus on boundedness, hierarchy, and form.

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